Our Approach

PACKETOP‘s approach to providing the right information needed for 5G networks is based on machine learning that detects the true root cause of issues to provide the right information for resolution


Our Story

PACKETOP‘s founding team pioneered deep packet analysis (DPA) for mobile network performance monitoring and machine learning for root cause analysis. With over 10 year’s experience in DPA and root cause analysis the team is passionate about detecting cells that have issues and providing the right information to resolve the issues. Network data analytics requires extremely powerful big data and machine learning capabilities to provide the right information.


Meet the Team

Bruce PetersoN

          Founded Velocent that pioneered Deep Packet Analysis(DPA)

for Customer Experience Assurance (CEA)


Adam Maghrouri

President, iConnectiva

Head of Telecom, Mantas


Anil R Gupta

Chief Architect, Juniper

4G LTE E2E Solutions, Nokia

Next Steps…

Learn how PACKETOP‘s unique network data analytics provides the right information to resolve network issues and enable 5G use cases.

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